The #1 Virtual Reality Headset – HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a new generation virtual reality headset built by mobile phone giant HTC. At LedLight-Mall, we had the opportunity to try it over the past week and quite frankly, we were blown away! This is why…

Imagine being able to dive into a totally new world, whenever you want. Imagine being on a spaceship on your way to planet Tatooine, having a stroll around ancient Greece or being shrunk to the size of an ant to observe the colony from the inside. With virtual reality (VR) pretty much anything is possible… AND MORE!


The Vive headset is currently the market leader as it is the only one capable of such an immersive experience. Everything from the precision of its movement tracking to the award-winning controllers will transform your gaming experience into a sensory exploration. Gaming used to be all about sitting in front of a screen. VR will make you jump and crouch to dodge obstacles, spin 180 degrees, using pretty much every muscle group.

precision of movement tracking with htc vive

HTC’s patented technology is at the cutting edge of the industry and is responsible for the ultra high precision movement tracking thanks to its 32 built-in sensors. The two laser tracking devices follow every movement of the headset and controllers in real time. There is no input lag at all, which is one of the most important factors defining the user’s level of immersion into the virtual landscape.

the htc vive headset’s aesthetics and high definition display

The screen inside the HTC Vive headset is perhaps the component which competitors will find easiest to replicate, and that is still no easy feat. It has a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels which is mind-blowing for all kinds of virtual content. High resolution visuals is another extremely important component of the VR experience. The user needs to forget that they are looking at a screen and the faintest pixelation would destroy the illusion. The HTC Vive has no problem at all here with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a 110 degree FOV (field-of-view).

htc vive’s award-winning controllers

Quite possibly our favorite thing about the HTC Vive: the manual controls. They feel natural and are highly intuitive to use, but above all, these wireless controllers offer groundbreaking precision in tracking of movements and greatly add to the immersion experience.

vive also includes safety features

While your mind is flying around a virtual world, your body is still in the same physical reality and vulnerable to injuries arising from movements. Enter the Chaperone feature, a safety grid that appears gradually as you get closer to the physical boundaries of your gaming space. This reduces the risk of crashing into walls quite significantly!

tons of games to choose from

With a HTC Vive, you truly have access to endless virtual worlds. The SteamVR platform allows you to download over 500 games and VR experiences. The vast catalogue includes oceans, space, ancient civilizations, sports, robots, nature and the animal kingdom, drawing in 3D, racing or flight simulators. We just can’t wait to see what else is coming! Remember, the VR industry is only getting started.

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